DIY Halloween Party Jack O Lanterns

This post has been sponsored by Mars Wrigley Confectionery US, LLC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am sooo excited for Halloween coming up. I always loved Halloween, but then I had kids and now I LOVE IT. And this year, we have little Cole joining us for the first time! For this year’s Halloween party celebrations, I made some literal jack-o-’lanterns! Halloween would not be Halloween without candy, so I picked up a huge bag of Fun Size M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, SKITTLES® & TWIX®  from Walmart to add to the decor! Stringing along candy to hang from the lanterns is a fun way to include candy as part of the decor rather than just sitting in a bowl!

I love party lanterns for decor because they fold up easily for storage and we can hang them every year. And, we need new candy every year, so this party decoration is perfect!

MARS Candy

Party lanterns

Mod Podge

Tissue Paper





Alphabet Stickers


Cut your shapes out for your jack-o-’lantern faces!

Using craft glue and a brush, glue your face onto the party lantern.

What a cutie pie, eh?

For the BOO lantern, simply place the stickers on the lantern. =) You could spell trick or treat or anything you like, pick up smaller alphabet stickers for longer phrases to fit on the lantern! Besides having a huge Halloween section with everything you need, Walmart has a large craft section, and you can find stickers there!

Hang some ribbon from the lantern and stick candies onto the ribbon using tape!

The MARS packs of candy come with so many of your favorites SKITTLES®, TWIX®, M&Ms®, SNICKERS® and more! They’re so perfect for me because Colette does not like chocolate (what is wrong with her?) but lovessss SKITTLES. And one of Kalia’s biggest fears in life is that she will become allergic to chocolate (haha, I am SO serious), so all her chocolate cravings are in the bag! Grab your Halloween candy at Walmart to make your celebration complete!

Happy Halloween!!

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