Beverage Cart Essentials for All Your Entertaining

“This post has been sponsored by Sparkling Ice®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”

I am so enjoying this beautiful weather right now, which means I entertain much more. We like to keep our beverage cart stocked with lots of goodies and easy ways to make mocktails so the entire family can enjoy them. Sparkling Ice® water has zero sugar and zero calories, and the bright colors make it so fun. Plus, the color and flavors are all naturally sourced. You can find Sparkling Ice at your local Albertsons grocery store in the drinks aisle.

Sparkling Ice comes in 16 flavors, therefore, you will be able to find a flavor combo for any guest to enjoy—and they are perfect for mocktails! Once you get your glassware, pour some Sparkling Ice; I used Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry, Sparkling Ice Kiwi Strawberry and Sparkling Ice Orange Mango for our mocktails!  

As usual, I love to keep my entertaining simple AND pretty. Here are a few ways for you to keep your beverage cart stocked and ways to elevate your entertaining without a ton of work on your part!

Easy tip one: Use a variety of glass shapes and sizes. For my beverage cart at home, I use a variety of glasses to serve drinks. I think the different shapes and sizes make any party look unique, and your guest can remember which glass is theirs if they are all different! I pick up fun ones at the thrift store. Or if you want a simpler clean up after your party, disposable glasses have come so far in design and there are so many to pick from (and great for the kids to use instead of glassware).

Easy tip two: The next layer is an herbal garnish. I love to include natural elements, and herbs are a delicious addition to a mocktail. I used lavender, mint, rosemary and pineapple sage. I cut additional herbs to add as mini bouquets for a very simple decoration.

Easy tip 3: This a hit amongst my kids—fruity ice cubes!! Freeze some fruit and water in an ice cube tray and add to your beverage. Admittedly, this takes a TINY bit more work; you have to freeze early in the day but really, the freezer is doing your work for you.

Download the Albertsons app to your phone, and you can see all the savings and discounts available to you! I picked up all my supplies at Albertsons, and it was so hard to choose which flavors of Sparkling Ice to pick up—so many flavors! Get inspired with more summer fun ideas here! (CONTENT HUB URL TO BE PROVIDED)

Now that your beverage cart has a couple essentials, make your drinks colorful and serve!

Lift your glass and cheers to easy entertaining, friends, and pink drinks 😉

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