Kid Scavenger Hunt Printable!

Kalia wanted to be on blog, so here is her holding up the printable!

Find the scavenger hunt printable here! if you want to skip the “how to”

This scavenger hunt was created with rooms and objects that can most likely be found in any home  (couch, coffee table, bed, towel etc…

I have created a couple scavenger hunts to save the children from some boredom during quarantine. When I mentioned the scavenger hunts on instagram stories, the feedback told me you wanted them! My girls (6 & 8 years old) absolutely loved it and Cole (2 years old) had no clue what was going on, but he could feel the excitement and loved chasing his sisters around as they ran around the house looking for the clues. Kalia can read now, but your child does not have to be reading level, you can read them each clue if you like. I am very happy she is reading however, because I like to give them the scavenger hunt as a surprise in the morning and sip my coffee in peace, lol.  I purposely wrote non-specific so it would. take longer… for example, one is found under a chair, but I give no indication what kind of chair.  (also, to make your own with things specific to your house, this website is great to help with rhymes: )

I created a “neutral” rhyming scavenger hunt with rhymes to include most anything you can find in a house so you can do this at home without any of the hassle of creating one. Also the print on the scavenger hunt is nothing fancy, Arial- it has to be readable to a child (and my handwriting is not, lol)

Print the sheet and cut out strips for the clues.

scavenger hunt clues for kids

Fold the scavenger hunt clues in half and write where the clue goes on top so you can easily hide them.

scavenger hunt clues for kids

I hand our kids the first clue and they get started!

Remember to write it in the correct order, the clue leads them to the next place- like below, the TV clue takes them to the dining room- dining room takes them…

scavenger hunt clues for kids

Also, if you have a 3-5 year old at home, you can create a much simpler hunt based on shapes and colors. Find a blue circle for example!

This particular scavenger hunt is best for a few age groups:  reading age- 6-7 years and on (the clues are very simple, my 6 year old is in Kindergarten and just getting good at reading, so whatever your child falls under with her reading level, she needs her older sister to read most of the scavenger hunt clues)

5-6 year olds- if you read the clues they can figure them out.  The younger age groups- say 3-4, reading the clues and helping them find them would be exciting (but a shape scavenger hunt may be more applicable)

Either way, hope this sheet gives you a brief moment of reprieve from the chaos and some fun for the kiddos!

Find the printable here!’


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  1. Amy | Delineate Your Dwelling says:

    We already printed and the kids are on clue 12! Ha. I’m just sitting here relaxing – brilliant.

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