Gift Guide: For Men

I have to say this is always a difficult gift guide, but I found 9 items, some of which I purchased for Nick for his own gifts, so I have personal experience with them!

The Theragun is on here and it is probably Nick’s favorite gift I have ever gotten him.  A hint though is to wait until Black Friday- I got a great deal on it last year, I do not get the affiliate money on telling you that (linked below are all affiliate links) but saving money is so important!  Theragun is more beneficial if you workout, otherwise you could get away with another massage gun, I researched a ton and Theragun was the most popular reviewed for exercise soreness.

The State backpack is another gift for Nick- he does not like laptop bags and wanted something modern and different to carry all his work stuff.  It has a double pocket to separate your laptop from the rest of your stuff. He does not only use the Slate backpack for travel, he uses the backpack daily- a great gift!

I love the stylish electric wine opener (it also comes in white and rose gold & lets face it if we owned an electric wine opener, I would be getting that one… ). It kinda looks like a sex toy here but in person it does not lol.

The 6 minute journal is a mindfulness journal, we know I own the 3 in one charger because I am obsessed with it and ended up buying Nick one as well and I actually might buy the toiletry bag, I really like it for him.

The cocktail shaker I included in the Entertaining Guide as well, but I love the color of this cocktail shaker too.

Click on the picture to go to the link and happy shopping!

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