Christmas Cookie Decorating Party!

I wanted to throw a Christmas/holiday party for the kids this year and decided to have our first Christmas cookie decorating party!  It may become an annual tradition- it was so much fun decorating the house and the kids LOVED it.  The kids needed an early bedtime and I also needed some wine and an early bedtime afterwards, which is the sign of a very good party.

The theme was deer, I wanted to go with that vintage kitschy looking deer for Christmas but I could not find any at thrift stores!  However, I found some adorable plates and napkins and was able to get the Christmas deer theme going- these are the links for all the cute supplies I used- the adorable plates are one day shipping- get them for your cookie or gingerbread making party and hurry!

Meri Meri Deer Plates
Meri Meri Deer Napkins
Retro Deer Ornaments
Flocked Santa
Hanging Snowflake Garland
Snowflake Remote Controlled Lights
Snowflake Dishes (this pastel green color is so pretty and matched the deer plates perfectly!)
Retro Deer Cricut Design (I drew a red nose on with marker)
Christmas Sprinkles

Here is a quick instagram reels tour of the party!


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To save time and also because I do not how to bake, I bought pre-made cookie sets from Trader Joe’s, Target has a couple as well.

 I lit a delicious smelling cookie candle for the party- and fooled parents who thought I baked all day, lol.  So, that is a super easy party hack for you! Light a cookie candle during a cookie party that you did not bake cookies for the Christmas party.  I bought more sprinkles and icing than the kits provided to give more choices and fun colors to add to the cookies. I included a link above for a ton of different kind of Christmas and holiday sprinkles.

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