Honest Influencer Review: Brooklinen, Parachute & Sol Organic Linen Sheets

For the items in this review  I am not sponsored by any of these brands and the links I share are friends and family referral links most anyone can use. 

I am calling it the honest review, not because influencers “lie” but there are reasons we are wrong! One detail that can be missed is we receive products and the turnaround to talk about them is immediate. And a disclaimer: I’ve received many products that I did NOT like and therefore, I do not recommend, many influencers I personally know do not recommend items they do not like.

There are two winners on this list and one disappointment.

Details of sheet use so you know how much they are abused or not-  Dogs do not sleep in our bed, my goal is to wash them every week but it probably averages more like every other week.  We have three kids but they do not sleep in bed except for the occasional nap.  They also do not jump on bed because I am a jerk like that.  Our bedroom and our bed are our sanctuary, it is usually untouched by kids so it is only room (besides Cole’s) that stays clean for long periods of time.  So, I would say they do not experience much abuse since our animals and kids are not really allowed on it.

Brooklinen– the gateway linen sheet set- an affordable linen sheet.  I love my Brooklinen sheet set.  The linen is soft, colors are pretty ( I have the light pink) and it is durable, I have owned them for over 2 years now.  They have the largest selection of linen sheet colors compared to the rest of the sheets on the list.  Pick up some Brooklinen sheets here!


Parachute– An example of owning something for a longer period of time and realizing it was not as good as I originally thought. Parachute was my first dive into linen sheets.  They were all over instagram and I loved the look.  When I first got them, I fell in love.  However, they did not last long.  Huge holes came about and so I bought the Brooklinen set to replace and then I realized how much softer Brooklinen is than Parachute.  I now use the Parachute for styling backgrounds- it does have a great linen wrinkly look.  The color was a light pink but it was more tannish?   So, since they got holes in them after a short time of use, I did not buy another set.  Obviously this may not be everyone’s experience butt I can only share mine.


Sol Organic Another favorite sheet- durable, soft and a pretty subtle pink.  They are just a touch softer than my Brooklinen sheets but to be honest I owned them longer. Linen gets softer the more it is washed so the length of time you own it matters for softness.  Sol Organic runs pretty good sales and are reasonable priced. I was able to get mine for 30% off the normal price during one of their sales and purchased another set for our cabin in Flagstaff. They are currently having a 35% off sale if you want to purchase here


Final Say: Sol Organic and Brooklinen are about the same price (however, with Sol Organic’s current sale they are less expensive than Brooklinen).  I love both of them, so I think you can go either way.  Brooklinen has a lot more colors and designs so if you are not a light pink or white sheet fan, check out Brooklinen’s many colors.

for photo above: Headboard is a DIY you can find here

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