The Creative Entrepreneur- A New Blog Series!

I have a new series debuting this week and instead of making a super long intro on the first in the series, I thought I would do it here first!

The Creative Entrepreneur will be a series of posts on blogging, creative struggles, creative bosses & more!  Do not worry, I am still a DIY blog, there will always be lots of crafty goodness!
The reason I wanted to do a standalone post to debut this new series is to give you my background- so you learn a bit more about the blogger who DIYS around pink and sparkle and copper.
I have like NO creative background whatsoever (great intro, haha).  Well, maybe a tiny amount.  My mom was the only woman in her Masters Program of Fine Arts school at Cornell University. They only allowed ONE woman a year for the MFA program at the time (huge wtf…).  My dad writes. Like, all the time. Everyday. Don’t interrupt him, it is dangerous.  So, perhaps some of their genes passed along.
As for me, when I was a child (7-10 years old),  I really loved art.  I had a large collection of art books with biographies and paintings and could look at a painting and name the artist.  I loved art museums (I still do) and went to Paris when I was 8- it was a dream of mine to go to The Louvre.  I also loved to write, I kept journals off and on and have books of really bad teenage angst poetry.  Fast forward to high school- I won a creative writing contest and participated in drama- acting and directing for 4 years. 
Although I was inclined towards the creative arts in high school, I decided not to pursue it, I enjoyed it- but it was not a career aspiration.  I graduated college with two degrees- Psychology & Criminal Justice.  I wanted to be in the FBI (for reals) but was madly in love with some guy I had been dating for 4 years (my now husband) and my sister needed a partner for her new business venture.  So, I decided to stick around Arizona for a bit and my sister and I debuted Rinkya, Inc.  I was Vice President for 12 years of Rinkya, a company that began in my sister’s tiny apartment (like the toilet is in kitchen tiny) in Tokyo, Japan and my bedroom in a house I shared with two roommates in Arizona.  Over those 12 years,  Rinkya grew to a multi-million dollar business with a large warehouse in Japan and staff in the US.  Through the highs and lows, money and no money, we did achieve success. To say we made many mistakes would be an understatement. However, failure is good.  And these mistakes made me better.  It is the best way to learn.
When I had my first daughter, I went through a lot of changes and personal growth.  I started A Bubbly Life in Feb 2012 because I had wanted a blog to pursue my creative leanings for YEarsss and never did it. Having my daughter made me want to do all the things I said I would do and I was unhappy with my career; which did not seem to be a way to be a positive example for her.  I wanted to be a role model for her.
I quit my job at Rinkya when she was 9 months old, I no longer could juggle being at home with her, write the blog, and Rinkya work (although I downgraded my role to part time & no management).  I chose to quit Rinkya to fulfill my goal to be a role model for my daughter.  While my job gave me financial security and flexibility with my daughter (I worked at home) years on the job had made me a dispassionate, unfulfilled person.  I was in a suffocating cubicle, even if that cubicle was on my couch at home.
So, what does this long a** story mean for readers?  To achieve the goal of being a role model for my now TWO daughters- I want to use my experience as an entrepreneur, and now as a blogger, and share what knowledge I have.  And, to get other people to share their knowledge because everyone’s experience is different and we all have knowledge to share.  
From my blogging experience, many bloggers, who do not even think of themselves as entrepreneurs, (hey, guess what you are!) do not demand enough, settle for less and are afraid to ask for more.
And, being a woman in the business world has its’ barriers and pay discrepancies and CEILINGS. And I want those barriers knocked the eff down for my two girls.  I have some time, they are 4 and nearly 2 years old.  We can do this.
Lets get on this ride together and figure out the creative entrepreneur journey.
Phew, see why that needed its’ own post- that was long winded.  So, we will hear from other creative entrepreneurs, tips and why I HATE the popular hashtag #girlboss and more over the next few months!
My first post in the series will be up this week- steps on How to Get Out of a Creative Block!

If you are still reading (haha the longest post ever on ABL) Please let me know what would you like to see in this series?  Drop me a comment or an email!

P.S.  Rinkya is still an awesome company and you should check it out if you need anything from Japan- Rinkya is the way to go!

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