Before & After Dresser Makeover

mid century dresser

I shared the girls room on Monday and today I am sharing the before and after of their shared vintage dresser. I picked it up from my cousin who was selling all her furniture to take off on her dream of moving around and living in an RV (so cool!) and when I saw the dresser in a picture of hers, I wanted it so bad. I loved the midcentury tapered legs, the design on the top wood drawers and it was solid wood. And then it proceeded to live in our garage for a very long time and Nick hated me (ha, just kidding). One day, very pregnant with Cole, I thought the dresser would be perfect for the girls room (nesting).

Now, I actually thought the color was very fun and pretty, but there was a lot of cosmetic damage and I did not really want to take the time and energy to match the paint and redo. I was very pregnant and tired but really wanted the dresser. I decided I would try the EASIEST way I have heard to redo a dresser- chalk paint. I did not want a vintage, distressed look at all, I wanted a modern look and so I chose Annie Sloan’s Pure White. I was still worried about the chalk paint from all the projects I have seen as giving a distressed look, but I think the pure white gave me the look I wanted. (videos are from my instagram stories when I shared as I was redoing the dresser)


After painting, Nick used Annie Sloan wax on the table- he did one coat with a lint free cloth and over the next two days buffed the wax more- I think buffing the dresser is what gave the paint a more polished, modern feel.

(so “drawer” is one of my words I have difficulty saying without my NY accent, haha I hear myself in the video and I can tell I am trying to saying it correct and failing, oh well!)


So why is chalk paint so awesome? No sanding, priming and none of the hard work that goes into redoing a piece of furniture. I did a couple years of redoing furniture pieces here and there and it is so time consuming that I just will not do it anymore and rather pay for a piece in better shape. But, old habits die hard and our garage will occasionally grace a piece of furniture that I could not resist from the thrift store/yard sale, but I have gotten better at saying No…

painted dresser makeover closeup

I picked up the Annie Sloan chalk paint and wax from a local store, some colors are available on Amazon but not what I needed and with the additional ship charge it was less expensive to purchase locally. Annie Sloan’s website has a list of stockists. (Also, this is not sponsored by Annie Sloan, it is just the paint I used and I love the results and I LOVE not sanding furniture!)

I have Kalia’s old dresser’s before and after here- a post from 2012, wow!

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  1. Pretty Real Blog

    September 27th, 2018 at 5:01 am

    I’d be curious to see how it holds up! I haven’t painted much since I’ve moved on from the “vintage” look where I didn’t care about chipping as much. 😆 keep us posted!

  2. laurelstavros

    September 27th, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Besides some markers (grrr) we have had it for 9 months or so and it is doing good!

  3. laurelstavros

    September 27th, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    hahaa only took me 9 months to write about it on blog…

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