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I feel like I have been talking about the girls’ shared room foreverrrrrr. It was a long process and even though I bought everything and had furniture, I was not able to get the room together until Cole started napping consistently. And then I was no joke done in two days. It is amazing what a parent can do when the kiddos give us a few hours in the day.

Kalia & Colette moved in together before we knew about Cole… lol, in fact when we bought bunk beds,  so many people asked, are you expecting?  Why did you move the girls together?

The girls are very close- best friends, and we thought moving them in same room they may learn a lot about sharing, living together, etc… and if they needed quiet or away time they can just go to a different room in house but we liked idea of them sharing a space and learning to live within it.  And then, a couple months later I was unwittingly pregnant with Cole and we would actually need them to room together and we had no idea.  So, it worked out.

I wanted to completely change the room because Colette moved into Kalia’s room.  I wanted a room to combine their two personalities, rather than Colette moving into Kalia’s room, where everything was Kalia’s and instead give a shared space they would both love.  They tell me they love it, which is ultimately my goal.  Another goal was giving them a space they loved so much they would actually keep it clean. That didnt happen…

Ok, lots of photos your way, source list at end.  xoxo

Ok, here is a list of sources, hit me up if I forgot anything (which I FOR SURE did, this was a beast of a post and I have a baby that is eating away at my mental abilities)

IKEA- bunkbeds toy chest bookshelves hanging chair

Hobby Lobby- Pink Faux Fur Throw

DIY Kawaii Toy Crate

Dresser- vintage, redone by me

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