Kalia’s Nursery Update- Rain Gutter Book Shelves & More!

As readers know, I just moved from Ohio to Arizona and we purchased our home.  Ohio was a temporary spot, so we did not put up much decor and some of the things I wanted to do for Kalia’s nursery were not done.  Rain gutter bookshelves are all over Pinterest and were high on my list for her room! 

They were SO easy to do (especially when you ask your husband to do most of it because you are busy with other projects 😉

There are a ton of raingutter bookshelves tutorials online and funny, as a DIY blogger, who expects other people to follow directions…  I am not good at following instructions at all… so I just bought the raingutter and end caps and winged it.

I missed the instructions (because I did not read any) that you need to buy brackets in order to complete this project and so screwed them direct in wall =)  (with anchors)   On the bright side, I have more room in the shelves because I did not include the brackets.   (Of course, this positive spin, is how I further condone my unwillingness to follow instructions)

Winging it DID have more positive results- we used metal shears (from my chalkboard project)  to cut the raingutter shelves.  Cutting it with shears was so easy and much better than the hassle (imo) of a saw.

Since I did not include the brackets, I direct you to the Google link above for a better tutorial. But I do suggest the metal shears to make it a bit easier and less messy (no plastic shavings to clean up) !
The other addition to her room was the pretty frame from a yard sale ($5) that I used for her first birthday party.  I spray painted it pink for the party and I love it in her room!

Want to check out more of Kalia’s nursery? It is FILLED with DIY projects!

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  1. Tamsyn says:

    I love Kalia's nursery so much and I cannot believe you got that huge pink frame for $5!! So excited to see that you're settling in to your new home xx

  2. ellysan says:

    Love the concept of Rain Gutter bookshelves!!!

  3. Saint Jackie says:

    Great set up. Book placing looks cool. I kinda want to do that myself. Actually my wife was thinking about the same idea for shelves.

  4. Rain gutter bookshelves. That's brilliant. Hello by the way. I met you at Blog Her '12. Hope the move has been smooth and you are all settled now.

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  5. Those shelves look great! We just tried our hand at some rain gutter bookshelves this past weekend and love the results! We totally agree they are such a stylish and cheap DIY project that will have such an impact on a little one!

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