A Bubbly Life is One Years Old! Free Printable!

My first post on A Bubbly Life was February 21st of last year and I cannot believe it has been a year!!  It has been a WONDERFUL year. 
I intended the blog to be a side project for my creative side while being a full time stay at home Mom and dropping down to part-time at Rinkya, the business I helped start when I was 21.  I thought I would go nuts not working full time and I wanted to finally start a tiny little blog I always dreamed of… 

I have had many successes (you can read the humble brag stuff in my About Me page) with A Bubbly Life over the past year and it has been an exciting time.  I have many plans for the blog this year and I have some exciting things coming up soon for the blog!

Now, I will get mushy-
Thank you to my husband for putting up with all my projects and going to important business meetings with pink glitter on your clothing…
My Mom for commenting on nearly every post & tweeting & voting for anything that is A Bubbly Life…
My brother & sister who share all my posts & keep my ego in check…
My best friend, deployed in Afghanistan, who gets on a shitty internet connection to like, share, vote & comment on anything A Bubbly Life…
All my family & friends who read, shared, voted and supported me in this new venture.

Thank YOU- every single reader, comment, pin, facebook fan, twitter follower, pinterest follower for helping make a little dream come true.  

And, as my first blog post states- I thank Kalia, my daughter, for giving me the courage to follow a dream.  I never thought being a Mom would be the greatest gift I ever received.

Enough of the mushy stuff and let’s crack open some bubbly!!

Download the free printable in mint green and/or in pink!

Like the glitter hangers??  DIY tomorrow!
XOXO, Laurel

A Bubbly Life is on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest, would love for you to join me there!  


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  1. ellysan says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful year of bringing us great original and most of all EASY ideas to execute!!!

  2. Saint Jackie says:

    Congratulations.. You forgot voting for me! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the one year anniversary. It's been fun watching you grow.

  4. Happy one year blogiversary!! Congrats on all your success and I wish you much more in your second year!! 🙂

  5. Tamsyn says:

    Congratulations on your bloggy birthday!! I'm so glad I found your blog I absolutely love it 🙂

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