Glitter Hangers DIY & Avoid Getting Glitter Everywhere Tip!

Kalia’s 2nd birthday party planning has officially begun and this is the first DIY I conceived and completed for the party!

Her party is four months away, so I know that sounds a bit crazy, but I thrift and DIY so much, that it is best to formulate a plan and a list.

Without giving away too much detail about the party (it is under wraps for a bit 😉 The glitter hangers will be used for various art and pictures of Kalia throughout the party.

As much as I love glitter, I hate the constant shedding of glitter, so make sure to follow all directions to avoid the hangers shedding glitter everywhere.

These wooden hangers are easy to find at any thrift store, I get 2-3 for 50 cents.

Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Wooden Hangers
Spray Paint (optional)
Clear Gloss Enamel Spray (not shown in picture, find in spray paint aisle)

* I wanted some of the hangers glittered gold, so my first step was to spray paint the silver portion of the hanger.  I left the pink glittered hanger silver.

1) Using the paint brush, brush mod podge onto wooden portion of the hanger. (Be sure to wash the paint brush soon after using or you will glue all the hairs together!)

2) Do the glitter shake! Shake glitter onto hanger, then shake off excess glitter.

I heart glitter

3) Step 3 is VERY important! (mostly for my husband) It is the best way to avoid getting glitter everywhere that I have found!

Take your spray gloss and do a light spray on the glitter portions of the hanger.  Glitter will not get everywhere- rejoice!
Please note, it may dull the sparkle a bit, but not as much as my husband yelling at me for getting pink glitter on a work suit… for the fifth time…

So while they wait for Kalia’s party, they make very beautiful decor for Miss Kalia’s room.

Check out here, where I used them to hold some small prints!

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