DIY Gold Glam Tray

This DIY is SO easy and makes a bold, gold, glam statement in your home for very little cost and time!

Tray (I picked mine up at a thrift store for $1.50)
Spray Paint
Painter’s Tape

The tray was gold (easy to find at thrift stores with the Christmas holiday decorations 😉  

I wanted any tray however, and my goal was a gold and white tray, so you can get any color and spray paint for your desired look.

My before picture is a night pic, sorry for the quality- Nighttime is when I get most of my work done with an adorable toddler around!

1) Using painter’s tape (I love ScotchBlue), design your tray for any striped look.

2) Spray paint. – since the tray was gold (such a dark color) and I wanted to go over it in white, I used a primer/paint combo gloss white from Rust-Oleum.  It saves the primer step and works awesome!

3) Let dry and remove tape- my favorite part!

Look at those lines- awesome!!

After I place painter’s tape down,  I go over the tape with a credit card- ensuring it is pressed firmly down.

Anyone else miss Domino?  Love them- I have all their issues, but wish they would come back!

I love having fun with vignettes!

If you like the gold vase- check out the DIY here to make your own tin can glitter vase!

Another tray DIY- pink and silver stripes!

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