2 Toned Crepe Paper Party Lantern DIY

I am finally sharing one of the DIYs from Kalia’s 2nd birthday party!  The entire party will be up soon, with a few more DIYs (including the glitter gold & pink confetti background)

I love paper lanterns for parties!  The colors of the party were pink, gold and white, so I purchased white lanterns to dress up.  I decided to go with a two tone look and use pink and white crepe paper.  The party DIY is very simple but time consuming depending on the size of your lantern.

Paper lantern*
Crepe Paper (2 colors if you would like to make it 2 toned)
Mod Podge (or other glue)

*For the paper lanterns, I recommend lined ones- it helps to alternate the colors of crepe paper.  I used the no frills lantern from Luna Bazaar.  I used 18 inch paper lanterns- very large.


– Cut your crepe paper in approximately 3 inch sections.  The amount needed depends on the size of your lantern.  Cut more than you think you need so you do not run out at the last minute (because that is really annoying).

– Hang the paper lantern up for the rest of the steps (I know from experience, holding the huge lantern and gluing crepe paper is NOT easy) 

I used a step ladder to hang it and yes, I am watching America’s Next Top Model- it is summer and nothing is on television.  And geez, I used to watch ANTM all the time but have not in years, either it is WAY worse or I am officially too old for it.

I digress…

– Using the paint brush, add mod podge to the lantern and individually glue each crepe paper strip to the lantern.
– Alternate the colors for each complete line (the lined lanterns, really help with this!) 


You are ready to get it off your step ladder and hang for your party! I used two lanterns over the food table (that picture is saved for later 😉

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