And Baby Makes 4…

I can finally share the big news!  Our little family is expanding (and so is my waistline!) – we are expecting baby number 2 in January 2014!  (Or if this one is like Kalia, he/she may show up in February, since my babies like to take their sweet time…)

It has been a long and bumpy first trimester.  Aside from the 1st trimester pangs of sickness ( and exhaustion, a couple medical issues with the little bambino have come up and I am a regular at the doctor’s office. 

Now that I am in the 2nd trimester the sickness and exhaustion are beginning to taper- instead of being sick everyday- I get a day off here and there- whew hoo!  I was absent online for a bit and the only DIYs I worked on were for Kalia’s party and they were a struggle to complete in time- I was SO happy I had done so much of the work already.  I have a long list of DIYs I want to complete and hope to get a surge of energy during the second trimester!

Thankfully, as long as I am monitored (and I am) everything will hopefully be fine, but prayers never hurt! 

In other exciting news, I made my Secret Nursery Pinterest Board Public, lol!  I am on my daily Craigslist hunt and cannot wait to add more to the board when we find out the sex of the baby!

xoxo, Laurel

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