Duct Tape Frames ChalkBoard Door DIY

When I added a chalkboard door to our kitchen for notes, I loved it…  But instead of the chalkboard door acting as a kitchen command center, it looked like one long, jumbled mess of notes.
I did not want to commit to painting color borders to help organize it- so, I decided to go with duct tape-  I can change out the colors, patterns and shapes of the frames depending upon my mood.  And it is very easy to do!

Scotch Duct Tape

Self Healing Mat
Straight Edge
Craft Knife
I used Scotch Color & Pattern Duct Tape: Pastel Cheetah, Violet Purple & Metallic Pink (Love the Metallic Pink!) 
Since I wanted multiple sizes I cut some of the duct tape into smaller sizes then the original roll size.  
Measure the length you want, snip off with your scissors and use your craft knife to cut it down to size:
When you want to switch out frames and use different colors, the duct tape may leave a little residue.  I use a degreaser spray to remove- and it is as good as new.

Now, instead of having a jumbled mess of lists, chores and menus, our duct tape frames organize our important things like our dinner menu and my stick figure drawings 🙂

Kalia loves playing on the chalkboard wall and tries to keep it in the lines!

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