Coconut Lime Cherry Vodka Cocktail Recipe

I wanted to fit one more Summer inspired cocktail recipe before Fall gets here and the last day of August is the perfect time for sharing.  My husband loves it- the cocktail recipe is low carb and he eats/drinks insanely low carb.  He also rarely drinks, but after a week of hearing me sing “You put the lime in the coconut” he said he would take 5 of these.  In his defense, I can’t sing AND may be tone deaf AND that is the only line I knew of the song…  Isn’t marriage awesome? Love you, babes.

Coconut Lime Cherry Vodka Cocktail
Ingredients: (makes one drink) 
8 oz. coconut water
One shot of cherry vodka
Juice of 1/2 to 1 lime*
Cherry & lime slice for garnish

* I do not like very sweet drinks, so I used the juice of one lime.  My husband likes it with half a juice of one lime, he likes things sweet (like his wife, ha! sorry, couldnt help myself) 

I really like coconut water.  But, I only like it VERY cold.  Chill the coconut water ahead of time.
Add ice to shaker, coconut water and shake!  Add cherry vodka, lime juice and shake again.
Pour in glass, drink and sing “Put the lime in the coconut” **
**optional step

Enjoy the lazy days of Summer with a very refreshing coconut water cocktail.  It’s awesome because I hear coconut water is a great hangover cure- so maybe this will prevent the hangover?  I do not know because the only hangovers I get now are from watching too many Disney movies.

Cheers! If you need some more cocktails in your life, check out my Citrus Tequila Cocktail, Berry Vodka Mojito & White Wine Spa Inspired Sangria!

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