DIY Copper Lighted Wreaths

I love copper! Surprise!  (not-so-much if you are a regular A Bubbly Life reader 😉  I had to make a copper project work for the holidays and so I created some copper wreaths for the occasion.  I’ve said this before, my house is not some pink castle, lol, (my office is though) and I keep my house decor fairly minimal in design (you will be seeing a lot more after the New Year of that!) So, these copper wreaths are perfect for our home.

Copper Soft Refrigeration Coil (Get thee to a home improvements store for this one 😉  (I used the size linked & it is a middle size length, the smallest size available is about $9)  
Copper Pipe Strap Fittings
Copper String Firefly Lights
Tube Cutter
Tape (I used metallic washi, but you can use duct tape, the copper pipe strap will cover it)

Quantity– I made 3 wreaths with the size I have linked, I had a tiny bit left over, so I could have made any of the wreaths larger.

(The materials shot shows the wreath already cut because I am a terrible blogger who forgot to take a proper before shot but it looks just like link above when you buy!) 

Choose wreath size and cut with your tube cutter!

Tape the wreath together where the cut was made.

Bend and clamp the pipe fitting over the wreath on top of where the tape is.

Hang from wall with a nail or you can use a strap like I did with my copper mirror.

We have a brick fireplace and a brick accent wall in our house.  Our brick accent wall is where I will hang them in real life, but it has super bad lighting for “blog life”  😉  So, the photos on the blog are of it in my office and on top of our fireplace.

I picked up this copper basket at Target for $3, I put all the battery boxes in it to hide them and I filled it with lights.
I pulled out my Anthropologie bottle brush trees for the shoot and they are staying out now!!  Bonus tip- I scored these on Black Friday for a huge discount (huge for Anthro) I may pick up their new ombre metallic ones this Black Friday…

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