Christmas Ornament Craft Party- Cookies & Champagne!

Throwing an ornament party where my friends and I get together and make our own ornaments is a Christmas goal of mine every year.  And every year I am unable to do it and I finally made it happen this year!!

I chose a color theme of black/white/pink/ and gold. Picking only a couple colors helped set the decor, the paints and materials for crafting!

I loved, loved these bottles.  It was such an easy centerpiece.  Empty clear bottle with a gold sticker to spell out Fa La La.  I did both sides of the bottle so both sides of the table would have the phrase.  I then draped twinkle lights around the bottles.  I kept these on our table after the party and they will stay there, my husband loves them.  So, get your friends together for a white wine night and get some empty bottles (or ask a restaurant, whateves)

I called it a Cookie & Champagne party, because I liked how that sounded.  And, I forgot the cookies (not the champagne, of course;) So, asked my husband last minute while he was at store to pick me up some. He brought home peppermint bark.  It was delicious but did not have the same pretty roll off the tongue as champagne and cookies.  So, do what you will at your party, it will work out. Just don’t forget the champagne. 

If you are going to have a gold glam fringe tassel, disco ball ornaments seem necessary.

The lanterns were an easy DIY- stickers, hang tassels. done.

And, yes, we did craft ornaments: (diy here) 

To protect the table from paint, champagne spills and whatnot, I used a Christmas wrapping paper- I designed my own using Shutterfly.  Wrapping paper comes in so many colors and themes that you will be able to find the perfect one for your party theme!  Or you use a tablecloth you do not mind getting some paint spills on!

Ever wonder who in the world buys those plastic cheap tablecloths that were big in the 80s maybe? And then that same person uses them as a glam tree skirt? Look no further! 75 cents thrift store goodness right there my friends, and I flipping love it.

Sparkle ice bucket. No more words necessary.  Here is the DIY to make your own sparkle ice bucket!

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