DIY Sparkle Ice Bucket & More Party Hacks!

Welcome to the last post of 2015!*  I want your 2016 to start off wonderful and sparkly and with some easy party hacks to make your party complete!  These are perfect for New Year’s, birthdays, 
bachelorette, whatever party you may be throwing!!  Not one, not TWO, but THREE party hacks!
I showed you my sparkly ice bucket I did for my Christmas Ornament Craft Party. And here’s how to make it!
Party Hack One: Sparkle Ice Bucket
Child’s Bucket- I picked up mine at the 99cent store
Sparkly materials- I used disco ball ornaments, sequins and star ribbon
* Boil distilled/purified water to use- this helps make the water clearer.
You will freeze in layers so that the sparkly items will be throughout the bucket.
Fill bucket 1/3 of way with water, add sparkly materials and freeze.  
Add a large cup that would fit within ice bucket and hold a bottle of champagne (or whatever you are using ice bucket for.
Add another layer of water and more sparkly materials and freeze.
Finish it off by adding more water and sparkly materials.  Freeze.
You can freeze all at once as well instead of layering but the items will rise to the top and the bucket may not have sparkle fled throughout!  
To loosen from bucket, you will need to run a bit of warm water on bucket and it will release.
I used more pink confetti for the final shoot  The pink confetti kind of bled a bit into the water and the ice bucket was a bit pinkish.   
I used more gold confetti in this one from the ornament confetti party:
Party Hack 2: Gold Glitter Noise Makers
Pick up a bag of noisemakers from thrift store or 99cent store.  Cut gold glitter sticker paper to cover the noisemaker.

Party Hack Three: Gold Star Champagne Rim
Buy edible gold glitter stars, rim glass with lemon and decorate with stars.


*technically it is not the last post, as I will be sending you over to PBteen before the New Year, but this the last ME post.
**If that makes any sense, lol.

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