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Pop. Fizz. Clink. Print.

You guysssssss, I am going out of town next week for the first time with no kiddos!  I love my little girls more than anything, but a mini vacay break where I can do what I want without thinking about 2 other little person’s wants & needs is like- wow!  I can do things like go to the bathroom in private, eat an entire meal without getting up 1,026 times to get things the girls need,  wear a WHITE shirt because it wont get dirty and Maybe I will have a cocktail in the middle of the day! And by “maybe” I mean definitely. And by “A” cocktail, I mean five.
I am so excited!  I will be updating Instagram with pics, so stay tuned!

OK, some of my fav links this week-

I love these tidbits from a Trader Joe’s employee.  It is hands down my favorite place to shop for food and this makes me even more happy- especially the whole donating all the food part.

Plant Lady is the New Cat Lady? Crap, I am one! And I L-O-V-E this DIY!

May be time to switch out my sequin camera strap for this one.

Blogzilla has the most amazing WP themes & just released a new one-  Unveil.  I know I suck & still need to make move off blogger but blogzilla will be where I go when I am make the move!  (they are also offering a $15 discount this week- use code AMP15)  

Love love this leather hanging shelf.

Pool floats.  Sugar & Cloth rounded up her favs and I am digging the unicorn.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!! xoxo

A Bubbly Life this week:  DIY Painted Plywood Headboard & DIY Coconut Lavender Sugar Scrub

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