Blackberry Clementine Mojito Cocktail Recipe

A fall inspired mojito! Purple and includes clementines- who would not want a purple cocktail for Halloween (or anytime?)

Have clementines hit your grocery stores yet?? My kids love clementines and we buy huge bags and I spend my days peeling clementines for lunches, snacks, etc…  And, while peeling, I could not help but think they would go good in a cocktail.  This is what kid lunch duty has done to me, haha. Anyhoo, let’s get this cocktail started!!

1 part Rum
1 part Blackberry
1 part Clementines
Small handful of Mint Leaves
Club Soda

* I do not like drinks very sweet and use fruit to sweeten up the drink, if you want your drink sweeter, add simple syrup or some agave!

How to Make a Blackberry Clementine Mojito!

Unpeel your clementine and mesh thru a sieve to make some clementine juice.  Add about 6 blackberries and do the same thru the sieve and you got yourself some juice!  (Alternatively you can blend this together, but I am lazy and did not want to get out blender)  I also wanted to make a huge pretty mess while mashing the blackberries 🙂

Reserve a couple mint leaves for garnish and finely chop rest of mint.

Muddle one blackberry mint, blackberry & clementine juice.

Add muddled mixture, rum and club soda to cocktail shaker.

Pour and garnish with mint leaves and pieces of clementine if you like!

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