DIY Painted Sweet Dreams Carafe

Yes, it is true, I drink pink water or as I like to call it- unicorn water. *

A little, random fact about me- I love water and I HAVE to (HAVE TO!) keep it by my bedside at night.  Now, an annoying fact about me- I forget to get a glass of water all the time and my sweet husband very begrudgingly patiently and angrily cheerfully gets me a glass when I forget (obviously, I am cozy and tucked in and do not want to move…)  After 12 years of marriage, I may have discovered a small solution… this way Nick only has to get water maybe 2 or 3 times a week?  Love you babe ;)- we will include “I will get my wife water every night because she is so forgetful” when we renew our vows.  The vow inclusion is more for me, makes me feel less guilty about it.

The solution was a water carafe! But, it looked a little too plain, so a simple 5 minute DIY and it was perfect!  I matched it with my Sweet Dreams duvet- you can see that in my DIY painted headboard post.

Paint Pen
Glass Carafe (I used IKEA’s but any glass carafe will do that the opening is large enough to slip a piece of paper- that will make sense in the instructions below 😉 

Print your chosen phrase or if you have awesome handwriting go for it.  You can download Sweet Dreams here.  (I drew the eyes freehand)

Trim paper down to size to fit carafe.

Slide into carafe.

Tape to prevent movement.

Trace over letters and freehand the closed eyes if you like!

Marriage issue solved.

Disclaimer: I do NOT drink pink dyed water, clear water would not photograph the writing well, so I added food coloring to help! Looks great in person using the white pen with water though, so do not worry!  But, hey unicorn water sounds fun!

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