DIY Advent Tree Calendar & Advent Activity List!

It has been three years since my last advent calendar DIY.  Why?  Well, we have about half of the boxes left… the girls have used them for so many games etc and what not.  I create crafts for my girls to enjoy so I do not mind one bit. And, I did save a couple and added hooks to the Rudolph nosed red animals so that they now hang from our Christmas tree!

I wanted to make another homemade one for the girls and this year I chose a Christmas tree forest and a homemade list of things to do with the girls over the holidays!  Instead of candy & chocolate, I created a list of activities for us to do together with an emphasis on serving and giving to others (and lots of Christmas activities)

Papers in your choice of colors- I used gold metallic poster board & translucent pink & white scrapbook paper (all available to your craft store)
Metallic Number Stickers
Advent Calendar Activity List Ideas

To make your tree cones, there are a ton of videos on youtube on how to do it.  Let me just say I could not do the string method.  I dont know whats wrong with me… Instead, I measured equal distance on each corner and cut in cone shape.  Don’t be like me and follow someone much craftier on youtube. I took forever…

I used tape to close the cones of the scrapbook paper, but the poster board paper was so thick that glue and tape would not work, so I stapled it to make the cone.

Add your number sticker and put an advent calendar activity under each tree!

The activities are in no particular order, except for the last day!

Read Elf on the Shelf
Decorate Cookies & Give to our Neighbors
Open your Christmas PJs
Make a Christmas gift for your Teacher
Go Ice Skating
Go Shopping for Daddy’s gift
Collect change & give to Salvation Army
Read a Christmas Story
Make Christmas cards for Your Babysitter(s)
Watch ELF
Drive around & see Christmas lights
Make a Card for the Troops
Mmm… Hot Chocolate
Give out Candy Canes
Give a Christmas Angel Gift
Gingerbread House Making
Make a Card & Surprise Someone
Watch the Grinch
Write Santa a letter
Read THE Christmas Story
Make an Ornament
Build a Snowman
Fill a Shoebox Ministry
Leave Santa a thank you note, cookies & carrots for his reindeer & get a good night’s sleep.

After creating this DIY, I saw on Pinterest a similar one from Earnest Home Co.  It is pretty much the same DIY, but different colors for the trees and different number labels.  Sometimes these things happen in blog land and usually I dump a DIY if I saw another blogger has done it, but I had finished the advent calendar and my 24 advent activity ideas and since the colors and activity list makes it a little different I went ahead with it.  But, I love and respect the blogger community so wanted to share the Christmas Tree Forest Advent Calendar from Earnest Home Co as well!

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