Sparkling Apple Cider Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

We all know I love a good glass of bubbly 😉  And, Thanksgiving is a week away!! I am not cooking this year, taking the year off as it is my first without my Mom.  I absolutely love cooking and entertaining, but I did not handle some of the firsts without her well-  her birthday or my birthday… So, I thought the pressure to cook for a huge group would do me in rather than distract me.  But, I plan on eating and drinking and maybe even a mimosa in the morning?  I dont know, we are escaping to the beach this year and my plan is to soak up my girls & Nick and attempt to be happy because that is what my Mom would want.  Wow, that just got deep and personal for a mimosa post!  I struggle with remaining light hearted on the blog while grieving, so, occasionally I need to get the realness out there… But, hey mimosas.  Sparkling apple cider mimosas.  Sparkling wine is appropriate year round. 

Two ingredients-
Sparkling Apple Cider
Dry Sparkling Wine

I know I called this a recipe, but there really is no right proportion to a mimosa.  If I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner, Id only add a splash of champagne because I would need to be productive.  If I was not cooking… maybe a splash of cider instead 😉

The cider is very sweet, which is why you need a dry sparkling wine.  If you like your drinks sweeter you will want more cider.  Garnish with an apple slice.  Enjoy your mimosa, it is 2 ingredients, we can all make it happen!

Happy Thanksgiving! So grateful for all you readers!!

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