Holiday Graham Cracker House Decorating Party

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I am Soooo excited to share that thanks to HONEY MAID graham crackers I discovered the greatest solution for making a bunch of ginger bread houses to decorate for a party and hand over to a bunch of kiddos- graham cracker houses!!

So, a party must be had with this new found craft and it was a blast!

I picked up all the food supplies from Walmart– HONEY MAID graham crackers, Wilton candy melts, candy, icing, milk  and sprinkles.

I love the holiday season, but I am also a Mom, which means I have about ten thousand things running through my head at all times and despite my knack and love of entertaining- I also like to keep things simple, while at the same time make everything look awesome- with minimal effort.  Which is why every party I share on A Bubbly Life has easy party hacks to make it possible for anyone to do!  And graham cracker houses- anyone can do!

These were so fun to make and I made two sizes with the HONEY MAID graham crackers- one I called the graham cracker mansion and the other the graham cracker mini house.

Graham Cracker Mansion- 4 whole graham crackers and 2 cut with a serrated knife to give a “house” shape.  Connect the sides and the cut house pieces with icing- 2 whole graham crackers for the sides (let dry a bit) then the remaining 2 whole graham crackers for the roof.

Graham Cracker Mini Houses-   The same as the mansion except you are using half of a graham cracker for the side and roof.

The minis were for the kids to decorate:

Kalia wanted her house all pink (apple doesnt fall far from the tree 😉 , so I used Wilton candy melts (also picked up from Walmart!) and covered the house for her in pink to decorate.

Each child had their own place card- and it was edible.  A very simple party hack!

How to Make Graham Cracker Cookie Place Cards!

Melt candy in 30 second intervals in microwave until melted.  Stir at the end of each 30 second interval (the package has the directions as well).  Use a bread knife to spread over one HONEY MAID Graham cracker and let dry/harden.  When ready, write the name in icing.  Let dry again and serve at party for a tasty treat as soon as the kids come in!

Each child went home with a little box to carry their graham cracker house, place card and more candy (if they left any of it at the table) and more HONEY MAID graham crackers to eat at home!  I added a glittered tree to each plain white carrying box.

Yummm… HONEY MAID graham crackers and milk.  This combination brings back so many childhood memories.  I loved soaking my graham cracker in the milk until it was almost too soggy and then eat it.  My sister and brother were quick dippers- they always thought I left it too long. But, I loved it.  Party hack: Put milk in a glass bottle and add to an ice bucket! Rim the milk bottles with some sprinkles and put in a straw.  Yep, I just made milk glam.

Christmas holiday parties are the easiest to decorate-  we have so many items we use during the Christmas season that can easily double up as decor.  Party hack- Christmas tree ornaments, tinsel and cookie cutters for table decor!  And, I had everything on had- so it was not only easy but inexpensive.  Also, with graham cracker house decorating parties, there is so much candy- use the candy to brighten up the table!

I loved the white sprinkles I found at Walmart- it made the houses look like snow was on the rooftop!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy decorating!  
Post sponsored by HONEY MAID graham crackers- thank you for supporting sponsors that make A Bubbly Life possible- and yummy!

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