DIY Glitter Wooden Gift Crate

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Do you guys/gals love gift sets for holidays?  I do.  I love to fill a box with treats for your friend instead of one large gift item and we all know my favorite kind of gift sets include bubbly 😉 How perfect is a wooden crate filled with sparkling wine and small gifts for your Galentine this year? I love a neutral wood.  I also love glitter. And, it is Valentine/Galentine’s Day so more sparkle is necessary, #amirite?

Double Sided Tape
Paint Brush
Wooden Crate

Double sided tape has been my go to for glitter for years now.  It sticks to the tape and does not shed everywhere.  An additional bonus is that it is extremely easy to do.

Make your designs with the tape, I wanted to show this step but tape is clear, so you cannot see it, haha.  So, after you make your designs, pour glitter! (I love this part)

With a thud to the surface of what you are working on, the glitter will run off nearly everywhere except the tape.

If necessary use a paintbrush to clean off any glitter stragglers.

Now you can give the wooden crate boxes to your friends- they will love them!! Galentine’s, bachelorette, birthdays- it really works for any party.  Glitter, sparkling wine and pink.  All my favorite things! I did the entire crate with glitter geometric shapes, you can do just the top or even use paint or washi tape instead.

One of the reasons I LOVE working with ONEHOPE (it is not just the bubbly, I promise 😉 is their IMPACT on multiple charities.   The wooden crate shown here comes with a candle and mini bottle of sparkling wine and provides funding for 5 meals for children in need.  Every time you make a purchase you are also supporting charities- so awesome.

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