DIY Heart Ice Shot Glasses

I am nothing if not romantic.  And what says romance more than shot taking? 😉  I think these ice shot glasses are perfect for Galentine’s day with all your girlfriends.  But, I also think they are great for Valentine’s Day when you have been married say about 12 years? and need some loosening up.  Or you are parents of small children.  Maybe speaking from experience. 

Gummy Hearts
Shot Glass Mold

Add water and hearts to shot glass ice mold and freeze!

I have some notes.  This is a long complaint on how I got to here. So, skip ahead for actual notes. Ugh.  I tested this idea probably 7 different times.  The original DIY plan was to use conversation hearts. Because how cute would conversation heart shot glasses be??  All the ice shots broke, the candies would break down in the water- but, I kept trying. Because how cute would conversation heart shot glasses be??  I thought it was my impatience and I was just not doing it right, so I KEPT trying- adding more hearts, adding less. Because how cute would conversation heart shot glasses be??  Finally, I admitted defeat and scratched it from my Valentine DIY list.  And probably drank my sorrows in whatever alcohol I planned to stage with the ice shots. (not really, I unfortunately chose to have a dry January)

Then at the grocery store,  I saw gummy hearts.  I am tenacious (tenacious sounds better than stubborn, right?) and wanted to try the gummy hearts. Figuring they were gummy and not loose sugar like conversation hearts maybe they would work better?

They did.  Cept I froze them before leaving for 4 days to ALT Summit.  Forgot about them and saw it worked and did a rush shoot for them.

1- They will bleed and make the ice colored.

2- Do not get the gummy hearts with granulated sugar on top.  Bleeds much worse and hearts not as visible because the sugar comes off everywhere.

3- If you do use conversation hearts and it DOES work, I NEVER want to know. Ignorance is bliss, people.  It is why I am so smiley all the time.

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