DIY Kawaii Veggie Snack Cones

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Ohmygosh these are so cute, I just want to eat them all up.  And, so do the kids! When Harvest Snaps asked me to partner with them, I jumped at the opportunity.  The girls love Harvest Snaps (and so do Nick & I, they are NOT just for kids) Onion thyme & haberño are my favorite flavors.  The girls go through the huge bags from Costco of the lightly salted.  Kalia gets them in her lunch.  We are all fan girls. haha.     
I created kawaii veggie cones to hold them all in and we can snack crumb free.
My girls fought over the pink tomato version and I had to print out another pink tomato version so they would stop arguing over it (kids…) 
The cones are so simple to make- and anything to make your kids eat, right!?  You can download the pdfs and print on a card stock paper (or any heavy weight paper) Wrap in a cone and seal with double sided tape or glue. Add Harvest Snaps  and start munching!

Download the kawaii green pea here!

Download the kawaii pink tomato cone here!
Download the kawaii red tomato cone pdf here!

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