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Nick & I celebrate our 12 year anniversary this Monday (technically, we are celebrating Saturday because kids and babysitters and we are old etc…)   Come What May was our wedding song.  I was obsessed with Moulin Rouge and I still am.  I’m reminded of the song though since life has been a bit difficult lately with the loss of my mother- life altering events do that.  I soooo wish I could be the old me. Obviously, I’m still me, but this angry, bitchy, cranky, depressed, sad person shows up here and there and she totally sucks.  But, this amazing person in my life holds my hand. He hugs me.  He literally never has the right words to say (seriously Nick, silence is golden) but he holds my hand.  And, I love him for that.

This is also a long way of telling you I am spending Monday with my family and will NOT be posting, haha, I will be back Tuesday.

Ok, enough for the sappiness, links I loved this week!

Its amazing what sharpie pens can create

This sounds like the most amazing, relaxing drink (no alcohol peeps)

I do not need plates. But I want these bad.

Has anyone seen this show?? I read about it on Buzzfeed and need it in my life.

Who does these amazing Pantone mockups? I want that job.

A Bubbly Life this week: DIY Wooden Towel Ring  & Rosemary Infused Grapefruit Cocktail

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