DIY Wooden Towel Ring

So, I saw a towel ring on AllModern and I freaking loved it.  I instantly thought, hey that would be an easy DIY.  I think this is my first “knock off” DIY.  When I saw that price tag, I was like No way, the DIY was just too easy and would be so inexpensive to make and I could not resist making my own version.  

It took 5 minutes to make, I am not even kidding, it even surprised me how ridiculously easy it was.  However, you do need the 3 power tools to complete it.  The first is some kind of saw to cut down the wooden dowel, BUT you can ask the home improvement store to cut a couple for you.  Mine does all the time, it may be because they see me nearly everyday, but they do not mind.  The rest are in the steps below!

Wooden Dowel- Diameter 1 3/8 inch
Gold Metal Ring
Dremel Tool
Drill with 5/32 Drill bit
Dowel Screw  #14

Cut a piece of the wooden dowel to 1.5 inches.

Snip a cut into the gold metal ring using a dremel tool (or any tool that can cut metal).

my husband’s hand, not that there is a problem having dude hands, but want it to be clear they are not mine

Drill a hole with the 5/32 drill bit into the dowel in this location:

Insert your metal ring through the hole.  (the cut on the metal ring is so small, there is no need to reconnect it) Drill a hole into the back of the wooden dowel.


Insert the dowel screw and get it into your wall!  (using a pliers helps to get that dowel screw in) 

We are using it in our bathroom above our bathtub and I plan to make more.  It was so easy to make and I now have a long wooden dowel, which was the largest expense at $6 (?) so I can make so many more… Would look so good in a kitchen!


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