DIY Fall Leaves Ice Bucket

A new season and a new ice bucket to celebrate!  I know Fall is when it is starting to get chilly and maybe you are not drinking champagne as much, but I say you are not trying hard enough then 😉 There is always a reason to celebrate with some bubbly around here!  Or just keep your hard alcohol chilled. Like vodka for these fall cocktail recipes- spiked cinnamon roll apple cider   and apple cider pear vodka   Or it works for any liquid you need to keep cold, like apple juice.

And last week’s recipe you can make two fall leaves ice buckets- one for the champagne and one for the pear vodka!

Anyhow, enough about alcohol, I cannot have any and I think I rambled because I definitely miss it, ha.

Your leaves can be any color- au natural or go for pink & white like I did.   Also, have your partner spray paint the leaves if you are pregnant, those fumes are not recommended for growing babies.  Try not to complain when they do not do a great job spray painting- love you, honey…


Faux Leaves (or real if you are using right away)

Spray Paint in Desired Colors


Smaller Bucket

Weights (rocks, anything heavy)



Fill bucket with water and place smaller bucket in middle, fill the smaller bucket with rocks or something heavy to keep it weighed down.

Add leaves to the water.  Freeze overnight or for several hours. (pictured is my ice bucket step with palm leaves, I forgot the step by step shot with the fall leaves, this baby is sucking all my brain capacity)

Remove from bucket (you may need to use a little warm water on sides for the ice bucket to easily slip out)

And there you go- a fall leaves ice bucket to keep anything cold.  Place a bowl or dish underneath the ice bucket because it will melt throughout the party.



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