DIY Rainbow Christmas Stockings

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Christmas time means EVEN more craft time around our house!  As a DIY blogger, it is my job to create crafts and we all want more crafts around the holidays, including my two little girls!  Sitting down for a crafternoon happens frequently around here but something about Christmas time makes the crafternoons more fun and exciting.  We worked on these rainbow stockings and I give each girl things to do based on their ability and age.  We always include snacks for our craft sessions and these rainbow stockings were inspired by the new festive Skittles® Ugly Sweater Packs and created while eating everyone’s favorite rainbow candy.


Christmas Stockings
Rainbow Felt Colors
Skittles (optional snack, but makes everything more fun)

Cut felt into rainbow shapes.  We used one color set of the traditional rainbow colors- ROY G BIV (anyone else remember that?) and also included a pink pastel inspired rainbow design.  Pick your favorite colors and design your own rainbow!

Glue the pieces of felt to the stocking and allow to dry.

Hang your new rainbow stocking and fill with your favorite Skittles candies for a special holiday treat!

Skittles released special edition Ugly Sweater Christmas packs for the holidays and they are available at your local Kroger  in the section where all the holiday lights, toys, and treats can be found!

The girls and I loved the game on the back of the bag- Find your Elf Name! The girls closed their eyes, picked two Skittles out and then you find your elf name based on the color Skittles you picked- names like: Jolly Mcsparkles & Tiny Gifty-Pants!  Any elf name that had Curly Toes in it got the most giggles.

And the Skittles Ugly Sweater packs are available 2/$4 all season long!

Happy craft making and happy stocking stuffing!

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