DIY Disco Ball Rudolph

When I was done with this shoot, I texted my best friend a picture letting him know that even I think I am ridiculous.  But, it is so cute, right?? Whenever I think I am done with my many disco ball crafts, eventually another one pops in my head.  Enjoy a Rudolph inspired disco ball for your parties!  Pair him with a disco ball snowman!

Also, I mean ridiculous in that good, you just love me kind of way 😉

Large Disco Ball
Small Disco Ball (red or PINK!)
Headband Antlers
Optional: Glitter & Mod Podge in case you only find boring antlers…

Glitter your antler headband! Brush Mod Podge over antlers and glitter.

Glue, tape, hot glue gun, whatever your preferred method is and attach the small disco ball to the large disco ball (Rudolph’s nose)

When you glue anything to a disco ball, it will remove some mirrored squares if you want to detach it. I reuse my disco balls for crafts, so I usually do things a more temporary method and tape so I do not damage the disco ball. As cute as Disco Ball Rudolph is, he will not be a year round decoration, so I went with a temp method!

I have a ton more disco ball crafts and many for Christmas, be sure to check them out for all your Christmas and Holiday parties!

Merry Christmas!

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