DIY Easter Bunny Egg


My first Easter egg DIY!! I am not really into decorating the house for Easter, so I do not do many Easter DIYs every year (maybe one a year?) but I asked on Instagram stories if you all like Easter DIYs and it was an undeniable YEssss! I guess I am one of the few who do not decorate for easter (besides lots and lots of flowers of course 🙂

I feel like this cutie is winking at me


I love bunnies though and gave these Easter eggs an adorable bunny look!


Faux White Eggs  (I picked up mine for $3 at Target dollar spot)
Pom Poms
Jewelry Wire 

(If you want to do the entire craft with the kiddos, use pipe cleaners for the bunny ears instead!)

Take the jewelry wire and pliers and turn the wire into a bunny ear shape. At first, I wanted the bunny ears all even and the same size, but it looks cuter when each ear is a little different!

Poke two holes into the back of the easter egg. I used the pliers to do this, any sharp, pointy object will do.

Insert bunny ears into the holes!

Glue pom pom to egg (do this after poking a hole and adding the wire despite the photo showing no ears yet)


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  1. John Hartil says:

    These are ever so cute!

  2. Pat says:

    So simple. So cute.
    Now I find it…my kids are grown!
    What’s that they say?
    Less is More.

    THink I’d hot glue a gold thread covered piece of sewing yarn or Christmas cord. Maybe even a hair band.
    But I do love it!

  3. Diane says:

    That is a classy take on easter eggs! I love them!

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