DIY Rainbow Flowers Centerpiece

Now that March is here, Spring is around the corner! I have been sitting on this post since January, I created a rainbow flower centerpiece for Colette’s TROLLS themed party. TROLLS is a very colorful and vibrant movie and for the party I did a rainbow colored theme. Nowadays, the girls always want some kind of character party so I do not get to do much of my own design for the party, I pick up themed party plates and banners because it is what the girls want and love (even if it makes me cringe a bit, no offense to TROLLS as I LOVE that movie, but I rather not have TROLLS plastered all over my house…) However, I try to add one or two things of my own design to each party and this time around- rainbow flower centerpiece!

The party was in January, so the flower choices were not as abundant but there are many varieties to choose from to get your color scheme going!

Red tulips & ranunculus- I was lucky to find ranunculus!

Orange- more ranunculus & not sure what the other one is called…

Yellow- carnations, rose, mums are some of the beautiful flowers here. I could not find any daffodils for my yellow group!

Green- I used some eucalyptus and citrus leaves for the green section!

Blue & Indigo & Violet- some iris & hydrangea. The hydrangea died very quickly, I bought the flowers the night before and only one hydrangea made it, not sure if I got a bad bunch or if they just do not last.

I added some pink to the red and violet side and white flowers to the green bouquet side.

Also, the entire time I was creating the centerpiece, I just kept repeating ROY G BIV. Is that how you remember the rainbow color order??

I liked using an assortment of flowers for each color rather than one type of flower. I used small glass bottles for vases and lined them up on the table.

I then added petals for “confetti” around the entire centerpiece!

I would love to do the rainbow flower centerpiece in Spring, where more flower varieties are available- so you should do that this month! I think it would look beautiful for an Easter brunch- maybe do all tulips!

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