DIY All Purpose Natural Lemon & Lavender Cleaner

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I am so excited to share a new DIY series on the blog – natural cleaners! I began to make natural cleaners in preparation for our newest baby who arrived last month. I went into extreme nesting mode and part of the nesting included using less chemicals around the house. This lemon lavender spray is an all natural cleaner with no chemicals that we use every day (because as we know, I have children and they are messy little things, but cute so they can stay).

Get a jump on your spring cleaning and make a bottle or two at home! And, a bonus – the natural cleaner smells so good! The cleaner is very easy to make and essential oils (they make it smell good!) are so popular right now and easy to find everywhere.

DIY Lemon & Lavender Cleaner

Spray Bottle

50/50 combination of white vinegar & distilled water

15 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

Pour your water & white vinegar into the spray bottle.  Add your drops of essential oil. Shake up your ingredients and clean up your messes! I used a funnel for the vinegar and still spilled some (I am so clumsy).  Ironically, I had to grab the Bounty paper towels from my prop pile to clean up the spill, haha (it was a 2 square select-a-size spill) I was really thankful for the quicker picker upper, as I was in the middle of a photo shoot ;)!

My 4 year old likes to “help” clean and she has her own spray bottle of the lemon & lavender cleaner and I just let her spray as much as she wants to clean up around here without any worry about the chemicals.

Bounty paper towels make it easier to clean up with the Select-A-Size rolls, instead of ripping a big bunch of paper towels off, I can use customizable squares depending on the size of mess and avoid wasting paper towels. Particularly helpful when kiddos like to “help” clean up the mess and would innocently use a ton of paper towels when “helping” me. Pick them up here.Bounty Buy Now ButtonDo Not use the cleaner on surfaces with marble or granite – vinegar is a big no-no for those surfaces. We like to use the natural cleaner on our tile, flooring, windows, wipe down our metal chairs (the kids get those so gross at meal time!)

Post sponsored by Bounty

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  2. Shannon says:

    Love all the awesome DIY recipes and all natural methods to cleaning, body scrubs, also I noticed that there’s much more recipes that I have made before but you guy’s had sum great different ways of making one’s I usually make ! But these ways to make holistic remedies are seriously great n now I’m gonna sum of these with a bit of a spin on it. I have my own personal small business in my local area and want to try different things that are holistic approach that I specialize in anyways, but want to mix it up a bit ! Thankx for the cool recipes that I’m totally gonna make n hopefully it will take off like the multiple thing’s that I already make! 👊😀

  3. Angel Jones says:

    Can’t wait to try these cleaners out

  4. Manike says:

    I love the addition of lemon slices and lavender. How long will those keep?

  5. Nora Setia says:

    Amazing natural cleaner recipes. I would love to ditch chemical based cleaner and use natural cleaners. Thanks for this.

  6. Rene' says:

    I was interested in your natural cleaning using essential oil but your recipe was confusing about 50/50 vinegar and distilled water. So what Is it 1cup to 1 cup or 1/2 to 1/2. When I made my cleaner following your recipe it just smelled like vinegar no essential oil scent. Your website is just a bounty commercial. Sorry to sound so harsh but buying all the ingredients and not getting what you say it would be was a little disappointing

    • Hi Rene! Im so sorry it did not work out. Essential oils come in a variety of brands, dilutions, etc and I find some are better than others. You can add more drops to get the smell you like or a bit less white vinegar!

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