Neutral Rug RoundUp- One Room Challenge

Last week, I shared Cole’s baby nursery mood board and revealed I was stumped on a rug for the space. A bunch of you sent some ideas over on Instagram stories and I have been looking on my own, so help me choose a rug!!!

1) most expensive of the group so probably a no since Im not obsessed with it or anything
2) I like but kinda looks like one I already own
3) a contender EXCEPT it does not look soft and fluffy like I want for a nursery rug (I play on floor w cutie pie a lot) and maybe a bit too orange irl?
4) a v serious contender except the whole thinness part… sent by molly who we all know has almost perfect taste 😉
5) I think the colors would be so nice with the navy blue rocker I got…
6) shaggy & thick, good for a nursery
7) i just really like this one but not sure it is good for nursery?
8) maybe too much like ones I own already…

Anyhow, what is your favorite to go with Cole’s nursery? Or if you have other suggestions and feel like making my decision harder, go for it 😉 I am being extraordinarily indecisive…

easy to shop post for some rugs and more rugs…

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  1. Cat says:

    I personally love 8 😉 3 &4 would be adorable too!

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