Printable Minimalist Nursery Art Ideas For Less Than $10

baby feet in hands print
same print in peach color

I love hitting up etsy and downloading printable art. It is insanely affordable.  I get them printed at walgreens/staples/alphagraphics and I grab an IKEA ribba frame and I have pretty art for a room without spending a fortune!!  I also can make my decision last minute since all I need to do is print and seeing as I live by amazon prime, I definitely like things to arrive instantly…

I purchased a few printable art prints via etsy for the girls’ shared room and am looking for ideas for Cole’s nursery as I need some art in there asap. Here are some of my favorites, not sure which I am getting any just yet, but they are all in my maybe pile.

ok, I am not getting any of the word prints I am sharing, only because i have something in mind that i am making… but I LOVE them

when babies get to the stage of grabbing their feet and laughing. oh my heart.

Just so freaking cute

i think bunny butts are adorable

haha this makes me laugh. which will be helpful at 3 am feedings, right?

I think I must like bears a lot, so cute!

Not sure what moon child means, but I love the writing, ha.

Cole is going to be a fox for halloween 🙂

i love blue and pink together <3
and it wouldnt be a post without some pink…

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