Lemon Ginger Turmeric Shots

ginger turmeric shots

It is almost the end of January and hopefully for those out there that make resolutions you are still working towards those goals! If one of your goals includes health, you are going to love and want to try these wellness shots.

I first discovered lemon ginger turmeric shots at Costco and I loved them. I found myself craving the tartness shots everyday. I also subscribe to the somewhat odd belief that if I have an insatiable craving for a food, it means I am missing some sort of vitamin or mineral and my body is telling me I need to get it now. Like when I was pregnant and craved red meat (which I rarely eat) and it was cuz I was anemic during pregnancy! It does not explain my random craving for candy, but whatever.

Anyhoo, these delicious tiny little shots are $$$, and I knew I could easily make it at home and so here we are. I am not a doctor but I am a googler and you can google the health benefits of lemon, ginger and turmeric- tons of info out there that tell you the awesome benefits like anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, immune system, aiding digestion (anyone else suck down ginger chews when pregnant to combat nausea?) Also, I promise I am not pregnant, I brought it up like 3 times?? Sheesh, Nick would love that it was on my mind…

ginger turmeric shots

Juice of one medium lemon
1 shot of water
½ thumb ginger
½ thumb turmeric
a quick grind of black pepper (when researching turmeric & health benefits, it says for best results, black pepper helps the body absorb turmeric)

I do not peel the turmeric or ginger, it is not really necessary to do so, especially if you have a juicer.

A juicer would be much better to use, but I do not have one (considering it, but I hate having more kitchen appliances!) I use a blender and then strain the liquid to get the shot.

The shot is VERY tart and strong. You know in college when you took a shot of tequila and would then go WHEW and maybe get a tear in your eye? cuz it was so strong? Just me? That’s kind of what this is like except it is healthy for you.

If you want to ease into it, add a bit of some kind of natural sweetener- juice of an orange, honey, etc. Nick hates tart so I add a bit of honey for his. I happen to love it, but I recognize I am not so normal in that regard, ha.

Happy, healthy shot taking!

ginger turmeric shots

ginger turmeric shots

ginger turmeric shot

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  1. Tres says:

    What is a thumb? Tsp?

    • I am quoting from google because I couldnt think of a good way to say it and they do it better than I, lol:

      “The size of ginger root varies… For daily use, break one thumb from the main root and wash it thoroughly. … If a recipe calls for a thumb of ginger, it usually means a piece that is about 5 centimeters (2 inches) long, 1.5 centimeters (0.6 inches) in diameter.”

  2. Ashley says:

    How long can these be kept in the fridge?

    • Hi Ashley! I am not totally sure, they lose their potency but can be kept in fridge a few days. From my experience with juicing in general, it is most beneficial to drink immediately for results. However, store bought wellness shots last quite a bit of time, but the effectiveness must decrease over time if it is similar to green juicing. It isn’t feasible for me to make these daily, so I do a batch a week.

  3. Teresa Morris says:

    Can I substitute ground ginger & turmeric?

    • Hi Teresa! So sorry for the delay, you can use it and the taste would be same (I use ground turmeric sometimes as I cannot always find fresh) but I am not sure if it all has same health benefits, you would need to research that.

  4. Shari says:

    How many ounces of water is a shot? I’ve read it’s one ounce, and then I’ve read it’s 1.5 ounces. thanks.

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