March in Review

Wow, I feel like this month went so fast. So, I thought we were done being sick in February, but we had about two more weeks of it in March. We cancelled plans with so many friends and did it so often, that I had to reiterate my love for my friends and that I wasnt lying- it was cuz I was in a sick infested home that I couldn’t leave and desperately wanted to, ha. I seriously think some of them were suspicious.

Cole joining Team Hyde in his little shirt I made him.
We went to Vegas!! Nick ran a half marathon & we went out with our best friends from Army life all to commemorate the memory of an amazing man, Daniel Hyde, KIA 10 years ago in Iraq. The Hyde’s hosted all of us and they are just the most amazing family. Daniel’s sister, Andrea has become an incredible friend and inspiration to me. Momma Hyde (Glenda) lost her precious son and then inherited a bunch of the Army “kids” to look after including their spouses… I am blessed to be one of them. We have a donation running for the scholarship in his memory if you would like to donate!

Mental Health
Omygosh. Ive been on anti-depressants for 6 weeks or so. I am beginning to feel like myself again. I don’t cry all the time. I don’t have the darkness, the hopelessness, the feeling that death is better. I cannot believe it. I did not think anything would work (hopelessness in depression etc…) It’s a relief to realize it is chemical based. I wish I took the meds sooner. I am also beginning EMDR therapy this month, so I will let you know how that works out. I discussed my depression journey on a podcast and you can check it out here!

A Bubbly Life
I made the time to get some new photos done of me (first photo) I also went to a blogger pop up where you do weird shit like take a photo in a peacock chair with balloons on a green backdrop pretending to drink champagne. Insta is so real. haha. I had a blast meeting new influencers and I think every time I get out of my comfort zone, its good for me! (so hard for me to take photos of just ME)

See ya next month for the camera stroll!

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