How to Make Floral & Lavender Sugar Cubes

flower sugar cubes

Floral & lavender sugar cubes has been on my project list for a long time, but I wanted to wait until Spring to do the post and it was so hard to be patient and wait. I made heart sugar cubes a couple years ago and it was so easy to do that I knew I would want to re-visit making my own sugar cubes because I am all about easy entertaining made pretty with simple touches that do not take long to do!

sugar and edible flowers

How To Make Floral & Lavender Sugar Cubes

Cube Silicone Mold
Superfine Sugar
Edible Flowers
Lavender Buds

I purchased edible flowers in the produce section of the grocery store and dried them myself (separate flower petals & put in oven on foil pan, on 200 degrees until dried). You can purchase already dried flowers and lavender at a speciality store or Amazon (of course). I also have a ton of lavender bushes so you can come over and get some!

sugar and flower petals

Mix sugar and flowers. Add water and stir together.

Add to mold and be sure to PACK it in. Let dry overnight and you can pop them out!

Add to tea, lemonade (I love lavender lemonade!) or whatever beverage you want, would look so pretty added to some champagne- sugar dissolves and leaves pretty flowers behind!

floral sugar cubes

floral sugar cubes

lavender sugar cubes

floral sugar cubes

floral sugar cubes

floral sugar cubes

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  2. Gail says:

    What is the amount of ingredients for the Floral Lavender sugar cubes. It states what you need but not the amount

    • Hi Gail! I am sorry, I did not include amounts as it depends on the size of your cube tray. I eyeballed and the floral/lavender addition is as many as you want to “decorate” the cubes!

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