Spring Floral Coffee Bar

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I am so excited spring is here! Decorating during spring is made easy with the abundance of flowers available, and spring weather makes it great to entertain outside. A coffee bar with some sweet treats is a simple way to entertain and enjoy some talk over coffee with friends.

The new limited edition Starbucks® Blonde Sunrise Blend inspired the color theme, using yellow as a main accent color, and one of my favorite cute little flowers: chamomile! Starbucks Sunrise Blend is available online on for a limited time only. It makes shopping for coffee easy; with a couple clicks, it will be at your door. I get so much delivered to my house these days, anything to save time with 3 kids—and please send all the coffee… because 3 kids.

I headed to Walmart for some supplies, like whipped cream, sugar, donuts and more to make the coffee bar complete.

coffee & donuts with floral accents

To set up the coffee bar, I added some favorite coffee toppings for everyone to design their own coffee drink. Starbucks® Blonde Sunrise Blend is smooth, subtly sweet and is a great blend to mix and match different toppings—perfect for a coffee bar!

For the floral-themed spring coffee bar, I also included floral elements within the food and toppings.

Lavender & rose sugar for those who like their coffee sweet.

Three kinds of syrups: Starbucks® Vanilla, and my own add-ins of Lavender and Rose Syrups to complete the floral theme.

And of course, I did not forget creamer and cinnamon. (I personally always have to have creamer in coffee) And cookie straws! Cookie straws are new to me, and I am so glad Starbucks included them—they are so flipping good.

I added edible flowers to the donuts and macaroons. Cannot really go wrong with donuts and coffee!

coffee and chamomile donut

starbucks coffee and mug

My girlfriend who lovessss sweets used whipped cream, vanilla syrup and even added a Starbucks cookie straw.

I love for guest to leave with a party favor. Starbucks® Blonde Sunrise Blend also comes in K-Cup® pods, and K-Cup® pods are great for a coffee bar party favor. Include a couple K-Cup® pods in a mug, cookie straws, sugar and syrup to go for each guest.

Happy spring! Yay to coffee, beautiful weather and flowers in bloom!

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