PARTY- Taco Bar for Easy Entertaining

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We take Cinco de Mayo very seriously here in Arizona! Being so close to Mexico, we have the best Mexican food (If I may be so bold to say) and Mexican culture is very intertwined within our culture here in AZ. This year for Cinco de Mayo, I partnered with Corona Extra Beer—the ultimate beer for your Cinco de Mayo celebration—and paired it with … A TACO BAR! Yummy!!! Ice cold beer with lime and all the fixings to make the best tacos.

A taco bar is an easy entertaining set up. You can prep beforehand; relax responsibly with Corona; eat tacos, guacamole, salsa, and chips; and finish off the celebration with a piñata. Beer is a perfect pairing for a taco, and you just need to put your 12 pack on ice and you are done.

For the taco bar, the toppings and ingredients I used are:

carne asada steak, carne asada chicken (I like to have both options as some people do not eat red meat)

salsa, guacamole, jalapeños, tomatoes, tomatillos (I LOVE tomatillos & encourage you to try them. They are a bit tart and oh-so delicious),

cheese, cotija cheese, thinly sliced radishes, green onions, refried black beans, tortilla chips, and corn tortillas. Holy moly guys, typing this ingredient list is making me SO hungry. Pass me a taco and a Corona asap…

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For decoration, I used the food ingredients: whole tomatoes, cilantro, radishes, tomatillos, and limes. Very simple to add to the table, and I just bought (and picked from my garden) a bit extra to make the table decoration.

How do you like your tacos? I like mine with some jalapeño, cojita cheese, radish, green onion and TOMATILLO (seriously obsessed). I prefer chicken; Nick prefers steak. We usually annoyingly split a Corona, and I say annoyingly because we always have to open another and wonder why we did not each get one? And, yes, we are so that annoying couple that splits everything like that.

For the ice bucket of Corona beer, I added sliced limes and fresh flowers to the ice—looks so much prettier that way and is SO simple to do. I love entertaining, and I love making it simple AND pretty.

Happy Cinco de Mayo friends! Enjoy a taco bar, some Corona and relax.

Thank you Corona Extra® Beer for sponsoring this post, and thank you to readers who support sponsors and keep A Bubbly Life going!  Relax responsibly®. . Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL




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