Midcentury Art Printables For Less Than $6 & How to Get Them Printed & Framed for a Steal

terracotta moon on water printableterracotta moon over water (maybe my favorite)  (all art is also linked at end in a slideshow)

Our cabin in Flagstaff is a joy for me to decorate.  I purchased a couple art printables for our walls and when I was there a couple weeks ago, I noticed SO many empty walls and I want all the bedrooms cozy and beautiful to make our future airbnb guests happy (and um, me, lol) I went on a huge binge the other day and picked up more printables from etsy.

The printables range in price from $2.00- $6.00, it is a very affordable way to get a bunch of art and I think these beautiful artists are not charging enough, tbh!

My art at home is very much my personal style- bits of pink, line drawing, french influenced and figures are my go-tos.  However, that look is not appropriate for the cabin and I decided to go with earthy tones- terracotta, browns, orange and yes, there is still some pink 😉

printing– I get mine printed at Walgreens- the quality is shockingly good & very affordable- they ALWAYS have a photo sale going on, I got all these printed for 50% off, they also go all the way to 24X36, and it is much more affordable than an office store.  If for some reason, they are not having a sale, wait a day, trust me it will be there.

framing– I do not really care about having matted prints for the cabin or them professionally framed, which would skyrocket the costs and not be doable for the amount of art work I want at the cabin.  therefore, I buy belmont frames from Michaels in bulk.  they also, are almost always on sale (right now they are buy one get one free) one of the sales they have often is buy 1 get 2 free. that is how I got 9 frames recently and saved a bunch of money.  they also come in 24X36 frames and the price is a steal.

so my price for these (I did 16X20) 7.99 to get printed, 10.99 framed & the print fee- $21- $26 each.  I hope this helps bring affordable art into your home.  Etsy is a gold mine for printables and you can search any design element you want and find something!

midcentury mountain earthy

mountain and sun midcentury print- this is another favorite, because I think it goes so well in Flagstaff

moon art midcentury

moon midcentury art printable

moon phase art blush

moon phase art printable 

sun midcentury art

sun midcentury art printable– this seller has buy 2 printables get 3 free

earthy tones art printable

earthy tones midcentury art printable

boho abstract midcentury printable

boho abstract midcentury art printable

neutral rainbow print

rainbow print midcentury modern art printable

abstract blush pink art

abstract blush pink printable art

abstract geometric shapes art

abstract geometric shapes terracotta

rainbow abstract set of 2

set of 2- rainbow and abstract print

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