Plastic Free Alternatives For Your Kitchen That Still Look Good

First, let me preface this post to say I am in no way plastic free. Recently, I feel drawn to reduce my use of plastic at the home and what my children are exposed to by using so much plastic, so I am making small changes in my life and trying to become more aware of our plastic use.

The plastic free alternative ideas started with a couple simple things- for example, my juice prep every week- I picked up silicone reusable bags, it seemed so wasteful, and, not to mention, expensive to use 5 ziploc bags a week for one time only. And then a month or so ago, I had a lot of blood work done to examine potential issues and I am estrogen dominant- meaning I have a bit too much estrogen and what does that turn into? Fat. So, I googled and apparently we are becoming more estrogen dominant and one of the causes is reliance on plastics. Seems to me it would be much worse on kids so then I took an extra step to find non-plastic for kids. I’m not a scientist, don’t quote me. Anyhow, there are tons of reasons to go plastic free, so whatever your reason, here are some pretty ways to do it, ha! I did not include reusable bags or water bottles- so many beautiful ones out there, and I did not feel it necessary to put here.

plastic free alternatives for your kitchen

Reusable sandwich bags– I want to pick up this pack!

Bamboo & wheat strawcups, bowls and plates for the kids- We cannot go porcelain for obvious reasons here. Unfortunately, I just picked up a large set of plastic plates for the kids to use, so I wont be replacing that anytime soon, it seems wasteful to get rid of those! But, they were in need of cups and bowls, and I just love the pretty colors on these!

Beeswax wrap – ditch plastic wrap and try these for covering food items.

Wood & Glass tupperware- I own a bamboo and glass set from IKEA, for about a year now, I bought them because they were pretty, haha. Replaced all my plastic Tupperware with these. Amazon version of the IKEA ones and pretty wood ones from Crate & Barrel

bamboo straws- super cute! I have some silicone ones, but really like these ones!

Silipat– I have used this for years for cooking, and now I need to pick up a couple more because I can ditch parchment paper and aluminum foil! There is also this fun, brightly colored one from Sarah Hearts!

Scroll below for more plastic free alternatives!

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