55 Self Care Gifts For Everyone’s Mental Health

self care gift guide

Self care is not just a buzzword, it is extremely important for everyone’s mental health and, if neglected you can suffer and burn out.  Managing my depression requires me to follow thru a check list- a self care checklist that I instill in my life to help curb my depression.  All these things help me and I hope they help you too, much of these will not be a surprise if you follow me on stories.  Enjoy this master list of 55 gifts for self care!  They are great for anyone in your life and many make awesome stocking stuffers!

My self care is made up of categories:

SLEEP– so essential- I’ve included sleep masks, eye pillows, calming tea, sleep spray (I use a similar lavender one that I linked & honestly I spray it in my face several times a day to calm me, lol)


EXERCISE– I’ve been working out consistently for over 3 years now & now if I miss a work out, I am soooo cranky yoga mat, workout bag, gym log, weigths at home  (wow, these free people ones are gorgeous)


NUTRITION & WATER– Clean eating and healthy nutrition and Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate (and it makes your skin glow, too- extra benefit)   a cook book, some water bottles & more to help you fit it in!


GRATITUDE– I have both journals I included on the list, practicing gratitude is as easy as writing it down on a piece of paper or having everyone say what they are grateful for at dinner every night.  a little warning- although gratitude is recommended & definitely helps people concentrate on positive rather than the negative, in my experience sometimes it can cause guilt or worsen depression symptoms.  I have a beautiful family and lfie and often feel guilty about my depression when there is so much beauty around me.  When I am a dark place, I have to step back from my journal because it can often just make me feel terrible for being so miserable.  However, if you are blessed enough to have a normal working brain, lol, it is great and I LOVE doing it and see a positive effect when I am in a good place.


PAMPERING– i have no idea what to call this part of my self care . but a face mask, hot bath, lotion, scrub can just relax and calm those nerves and quiet the mind and maybe children, so I just added noice cancellation headphones to the list.  Also, when I feel like I look good and shower and not sit in pjs it makes me more confident and less depressed.

COMFORT– aromatherapy, candles, blankets, slippers.  creating a SAFE, cozy environment for home helps clear & relax the mind. (also, its so cute, Nick LOVES his slippers, haha, when he gets home, it means he is done for day when he slips those on) I have a diffuser going every day, even if you do not think it works for mental health, house does smell damn good…


CONNECTION– while social media connects us to a multitude of people, it does not have teh same effect as a real connection with a friend! make a date, pick up the phone, write a note, surprise them with best friend jewelry.


SERVICE- no products here except YOU.  serving others, volunteering, not being an asshole- it gets you out of your head and loving and being kind on others <3


And here is the huge list all at once, just click on photo to see!

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  1. Amy says:

    These gift ideas are lovely! I wish I’d seen this post before my sister’s birthday. =D

    I think giving people you love gifts like these are so thoughtful. Especially if you use them yourself. I’m a firm believer in giving people things you can vouch for, yourself.

    Man, I can see myself buying a few of these for myself.

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