October In Review

fall leaves

I totally did not mean to only post once in October! I am working on bigger projects at home that are taking up most of my time- our guest room, our back patio, our master bedroom and lots of work in Flagstaff. So, I will have a series of room and space makeovers coming, but otherwise I may be quieter than usual. I do not do quite as many small project DIYs for myself like I used to, but I still drink cocktails, lol so that wont go away- and also it is Christmas time!!! I do have a couple ornament projects I will share in the next week or so and I hope you enjoy them.

halloween champagne bucket

Does my Halloween bucket turned rosé ice bucket count as a diy?

Anyhoo, October was busy- fall break, halloween, nick was out of town for a week… I feel like a big baby, I was an Army wife for 8 years and Nick was away all the time, but now with 3 kids and Nick going away, I don’t do as well as I did when it was just the two girls. Admittedly, it does not help that my depression is bad, but 3 kids is so much harder than 2. Or maybe I am just older now and more tired ha.

And, depression. The thing that just wont quit. I started new drugs and they do not seem to be effective so now they want to add another one and I am just so over the guessing game of what may or may not work or if anything will work! I am trying a new therapy this month and I will share all the details once it is complete and I really, really want it to work. Meanwhile, I still see a trauma therapist for my ptsd and trauma, and we did some very hard work and processing this month and I was emotionally and physically drained after each weekly session. I know it will all make me a healthier individual, which is why I do it, but do not underestimate the work in therapy. I want real change and strength and resilience and it requires a lot of work and a lot of sadness and pain.

So… let’s end on an adorable note! Cole was Hades from the Descendants movie for Halloween (the girls were Mal & Evie)

hades halloween costume toddler

See ya next month!

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