DIY Kool Aid Dyed Cheesecloth


kool aid dyed napkins place setting

Often times, I do little diys and crafts at home that I do not even think about as anything special, it is just something I have always done or used and one of these diys is to dye cheesecloth.  I love the fabric and design look using cheesecloth, so I dye the cheesecloth to use as napkins, table runners, wrap flower bouquets and to wrap gifts.  It makes the perfect gift for a hostess, wrap a bottle of wine in it and let the hostess know they can use it as a runner, or cut it to use as napkins and more!  If you are looking for an eco-friendly, zero waste wrapping gift idea- these are perfect!

gift wrap using kool aid dyed cheesecloth


Cheeseclothnot all cheesecloth is created equal, I’ve picked up some at grocery store & while probably fine for its’ intended use, does not make great napkins, I really love the one linked

Kool Aid (or any liquid drink concentrate)


So easy to do- drop some kool aid in water, the shades of pink/purple/orange depend on how much or how little kool aid drops you add.

soak cheesecloth in dye

I get my shades by adding the drops  into the water (and by drops I usually add about ten plus in beginning) I submerge the cheesecloth in the kool aid dye mixture, take cheesecloth out, squeeze excess dye and whatever color shows is what you will get, so I add more drops if needed for the color I want.

And then you hang to dry!

dyed fabrics drying

gift wrapped in dyed cheesecloth with eucalyptus

kool aid dyed table runner with vasegift wrap using kool aid dyed cheesecloth kool aid dyed napkins and runner

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