Year in Review & 2020 Vision!

Last year, I started a month in review and I am on fence about keeping it every month, in one way, I like the ability to look back as it is akin to a journal, but are they interesting? I am not sure, although my November in Review where I discuss ketamine treatment has lots of traffic and I definitely want to share the parts of my journey that may help another.

Anyhow 2019 in review!

Cole turned one, he will be 2 in February and I cannot believe how fast he is growing! He is still on my instagram stories often and I am not sure when I will limit it (I limit the girls on stories as they are older) especially since so many of you love him like we do <3

Nick’s Farm
Dear lord, Nick is so lucky I am his wife lol, he pushed the limits on this growing farm. His emus are quite popular on instagram and we are adding an ALPACA this Saturday to our wannabe farm in the middle of Scottsdale. I actually am totally on board with the alpacas, but as some of you may know, I am NOT A FAN of the emus. Nick is now building a larger fence area so they bug me less…

Mental Health
friends, the past few years have been tough. 2016- my mom died & both nick & I were ill equipped to deal with that fall out and a deterioration of my mental health, nick had a mid life crisis and I felt like I lost both my mom, husband, best friend and my mind, lol.
2017- a trauma in feb just destroyed my world as I knew it and I spiraled into depression and it added ptsd to the mix. it was also the beginning of many good things, nick and i both found better therapists and nick became an advocate and supporter in my care with us now both having a better understanding of my mental state. nick also started mindfulness therapy and essentially learned to be a better husband and father. he is a constant support and mental illness is so hard on spouses and loved ones. i am so thankful we found help we both needed.
2018- we had Cole in feb and honestly that year is a bit of a blur with newborn, little sleep, depression, ptsd, therapy
2019- i started anti-depressants in feb & unfortunately have not found a working combo yet. I found a new therapist that specializes in trauma and its’ been very hard work but i am progressing…however, my depression has a very strong hold.
which in my grand hopes for 2020:
finish my trauma work, utilize all my coping skills to help with triggers & nightmares, find a medicine that works and stay present and HEAL and grow.
I see a new doctor this week and hoping they can help me get on a good medicine regimen.

purple sparkling wine cocktails

A Bubbly Life
I am sort of at a standstill with where I want to go and want to do here. I feel committed to sharing more mental health things and sharing these struggles on instagram, because I believe it is helping some people and I am very thankful for those who reach out and tell me it IS helping.
Overall, I want to continue to share things on here with intent and purpose rather than throwing up a craft just because.
I also have a couple room makeovers to finish and share, cocktails, and more.

I did have a goal to do some podcasts and I did 2 last year! One on my depression journey and another with Nick & I on our 22 year relationship!

Please hop onto stories and I will be doing some polls for what you want to see here in content!!

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